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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

General Information

Okay guys, here's the deal.

I am in the midst of reserving plane tickets for February 15th to leave from D/FW, fly to LAX, then to Seoul, then to Beijing, then stay in Beijing for a couple of days then take another plane to Lanzhou, where my school is.

While I am at school, I will be studying Chinese Language, Chinese reading/writing, Chinese History/Culture, and working on my Senior Thesis (which I will cover in a different post).

I recently found out that I will be the FIRST EVER international student, not only ETBU, but from ANYWHERE, to study at Lanzhou University of Technology, so if I wasn't nervous enough already, I have that to think about!

The reality that I am going to leave is beginning to sink in, and it is kind of a scary thing, to be honest. At times it's a good kind of scary, and other times it is a bad kind of scary. The language barrier is going to be a difficult thing to overcome because I have only been studying Chinese since about February, but I think with my awesome teachers I will be able to get around. It is comforting to know that many of the students I have talked to as well as some staff are very excited that I am coming and are very receptive to questions and open to talk about just about anything.

I am sending in my Visa Application and other documents out by the end of the week, so everything is beginning to come together!

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