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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Senior Thesis and What I'll Miss

So, China is 2 days away!

I never talked about my Senior Thesis, which is the only class that I need in order to graduate. What I'm planning to do it on is China's Cultural Revolution and the role that Lanzhou University of Technology might have played in it. One of my professors, Dr. Summers, told me about an oral history on Lanzhou and the Cultural Revolution he and a colleague in China were planning on doing, but he suggested the idea to me instead.

Here's a link to some basic info on the Cultural Revolution from San Jose State University:

Lanzhou University of Technology was one of a few Universities that was not closed during the Cultural Revolution and I want to know why it wasn't closed and how class sizes, curriculums, teachers, and the students themselves were all affected by the Cultural Revolution.

Below is the first video of my new YouTube channel. This video is basically going to be a video diary of my life in China, and it'll just kind of show you what living in China is like for a foreigner. It'll be a lot of daily life stuff, and I hope it'll be interesting!

I'll do my best to keep everyone updated with lots of pictures and videos, when I can do them.

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  1. Austin! I'm so excited for you!! I'm glad we got to have lunch before you leave, I know you will have an incredible adventure, try to soak it all in and live in the moment. Safe travels!


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