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Friday, March 4, 2011

Hunger and a Guy Named Kitty (non-related)

Hello from Lanzhou!

You know how people say that if you eat a big Chinese meal that you'll be hungry again in a couple of hours? IT'S SO TRUE!! I always seem to be hungry and it's kind of annoying, really. I guess I'm just waiting for my stomach to shrink down or something. I eat and I'm totally full or past full, but yet, 2 hours later, guess what??

I'm hungry again. I don't really know what to do about that. I hate to be snacking all the time; it makes me feel like a fattie, so mostly I try to just wait it out. Luckily, one of my teachers brought me a bunch of fruit, so I can have bananas or apples or little baby oranges for the next week or two....she brought me a lot!

Classes start on Monday, which is a good thing - It'll be nice to have something to do and a teacher-student setting to learn my Chinese. I got my textbooks yesterday - 4 for 155元, which is about 20$ or something like that in US$. It's SOOO nice compared to one textbook for 100$ US....oh man, I love how cheap stuff is here.

I love the students here - the ones that come up and talk to me rather than just stare, anyway. They really are very nice and very polite and genuinely excited to be speaking English with a native speaker - I met two guys yesterday who could barely speak at first because they were so nervous/excited; it was really funny.

Anyway, I really liked them, their names were Freddy and Kitty (yes, Kitty)...he didn't have an American name yet, so he told me to call him Kitty. Hmmm...interesting. I'll have to help him with that name soon, because Kitty is awful. They said it was their first time to ever talk to a native English speaker, which kind of blew my mind, really. Wow...

Freaking Kitty.

A guy named Kitty.

I've posted up a couple more videos on YouTube if you want to check them out and leave comments or video responses or whatever:

Hope everyone is well!


  1. Austin! I'm so excited for you! I'm loving all the descriptions about the food, but I have to make sure and read when I'm not hungry :P

    Anyway, I'm hoping your first day goes well. Hopefully I'll get a skype account soon and we can chat!
    -Kim Orpin

  2. yes, please get a skype! acousticmusic10 is my screen name :)


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