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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pollution = Tired

So, as my of you know (or may not know), Lanzhou is a very polluted city - voted the world's worst in 1998, I believe. Today it's not on the world's top 10, but it's in the top 30 or something like that. Most days it is hardly noticeable as far as daily life is concerned. It's always visible, obscuring parts of the city in the distance and always putting a veil between the city and the surrounding mountains. 
On some days, though, it is pretty bad. It will make you feel exhausted after only walking for 20 or 30 minutes and probably a little bit contributes to that 'brain drain' sensation I get after classes. It can irritate your eyes and make them feel like you've been up for days - just really dry and heavy. It also probably contributes to the weather here, which can literally change like that *snaps fingers*. 

One day it can be really nice - in the 60s or so, and the next day it will snow and be below freezing - what the F?? It's strange. The overall environment here definitely took a week or so to get used to. I hadn't thought to really write about it because it was such a basic thing, but I suppose it is important.
It's so freaking dry here - I love it! It is not the slightest bit humid whatsoever….talk about different from Texas! The only tiny tiny downside is you have to drink a lot more water than normal….or at least that has been the case with me. It's been slowly warming up and the weather the past couple of days has been downright nice! Yesterday was the first time I went to classes without a jacket….wonderful!

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