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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Forgetting Spoons Plus Update

Before my actual post, I just wanted to update you guys on the situation. I know it's been a long time since my last post - I have been having some internet problems. The neighbors whose I've been stealing at my apartment locked their network, so I had to buy my own network. Good thing it's so cheap - it's 20 yuan for 100 hours. They just take it from my cell phone bill, which is convenient for me. Now I have to go to one of the school buildings on campus and use the internet. It's fairly reliable, but a little inconvenient. Oh, well....that's that. Happy reading!


I forgot how to hold a spoon today…..maybe I've been away for too long haha. I was eating what's called 砂锅 (sha guo), which is a small pot - maybe a little bigger than a softball - that's stuffed with vegetables and usually one or two types of meat. The pot is put over the fire, and then soup is added, cooking the raw vegetables and meat. Then you can choose to eat rice or bread with it (I say bread, but it's sort of like a mix between an English muffin and unleavened Jewish bread...interesting) and dive in. Since it's soup-based, you get a spoon and chopsticks with it. I used my chopsticks till the veggies ran low, and then picked up my spoon.
It felt really strange - I couldn't decide between using 2, 3, or 4 fingers. It was really awkward, I wish I had been eating with someone or had my camera - I would have documented it. I ultimately decided on holding it between my thumb and index finger at the very end of the handle. Still didn't feel right. 
It could make an interesting video...when I get back home, video my first attempt at using a knife and fork. It could either be a waste of film or really awkward and hilarious.
By the way, here's a few things I like here that I didn't like or never tried back home:
Eating mostly vegetables
Napa (one 'p' or two?)
Cabbage in mass quantities
Donkey meat (highly suspected, but I can't confirm whether or not it WAS donkey).

Oh, PS - I've been working on some videos, but because of my internet situation, I'm unsure on whether or not I can actually put them up.

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