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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Been Busy!

Sorry I haven't done posts the past two days - I got a job offer at the International High School of New Orleans teaching Chinese and have spent the past day and a half traveling, interviewing, and teaching a class as a trial run. The teaching part was fun, no problems, but I was surprised at the unevenness of the kids' learning, given that the current teacher is Chinese.

New Orleans is a great city and I'd love nothing more than to be able to work and live there in the emerging Chinese community, but the school was not upfront with me on certain matters, and I will probably decline the job.

I will be back to normal posts tomorrow, promise!

For now - I'm going to do a shameless plug for my YouTube account:

My two favorites are these - Beijing: Take 2

I like the video because it represents a fun and not fun time in China. I got a little dose of American things and I got to see a different side of Beijing. It wasn't the shiny and new Beijing I had seen before. I lived in an average residential complex with a non-English-speaking Chinese guy. I spoke Chinese all the time and really got into the everyday grind of writing, reading, going out to enjoy the tourist sites and make friends. It was a good time for me, although I got pretty sick in the course of it. You can tell at the beginning. My voice is a little funky.

白塔山 - Bai Ta Shan

I love this video because it was an unexpectedly good time. My friend Benjamin Xi had recently returned to Lanzhou from my university in Texas, so we were both excited to hang out together with Stan. Ben was so excited once we got off campus, and that excitement and fun rubbed off on me and Stan. Check out Ben's little thing at 1:10-1:12....great time. Bai Ta Shan's surrounding area is a really neat place, especially around the Western peak where the mosque is. Lots of good restaurants and good people live and work there.

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