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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

By No Means The End! Important Stuff!

Keep reading, there is some important stuff in this post!!!!!!!!!!!!! (click pics to enlarge)

After traveling many different places in China, from Lanzhou's city square to the banks of the Yellow River to the Five Spring Mountain to the Wangfujing Street Market of Beijing, I have finally returned home.

SWEET!! I am back home and am now able to make regular posts and interact with the people who are looking at the blog. In China, particularly after my proxy went down, it was very difficult to make posts and just all around inconvenient.

Fortunately, I did keep a journal and I have begun what might possibly become a travel guide or a book, and I'd like to share that kind of stuff with you guys.

I have seen and done a lot of things that I never thought I would do, and for what it's worth, I've tried to keep you guys updated, though without Facebook, Blogspot, and Youtube, it is pretty much impossible.

I am now in the process of uploading pictures and videos into my Facebook and YouTube accounts. I will begin posting links and pictures very soon on here, promise!!!

In the meantime, I am undergoing my transition back to American life. American food, American houses, driving, etc., so it will take me a while to get fully caught up with all the uploads. I know it was really lame reading all my blog posts with no posted pictures and no videos, but that will change.

Every week until I finish uploading all the videos/pictures onto YouTube and Facebook, I promised to do at least 3 posts with links/embeds to everything I've posted, PLUS my thoughts on what is happening in said videos/pics! 3 posts a week or more!

So basically, I will have come from never communicating with you guys to KILLING you with information! I hope you like it!

I will, as things happen in China, probably be giving my thoughts on what's happening in the area and that kind of thing. Maybe via YouTube, maybe only via blog - we'll have to see. I can see lately that interest had dropped a lot on this blog, but we'll try to get it back!


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