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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Two New Videos! Mountains and Laundry!

Got two new videos for you today! The first is from my visit with Benjamin Xi to Lanzhou's Bai Ta Shan, or White Tower Mountain.

That was a very good day and it was nice just to get off campus with a couple of buddies and do something fun. By that time in my trip (May), I was really itching to get out of the classroom and out of the campus and try new things. This was one of many trips to that area and I always thoroughly enjoyed myself around the Yellow River.

The area around the Yellow River in Lanzhou is very nice. There are a lot of very small places to eat along the sidewalk and lots of places to buy drinks and just chill. The weather in Lanzhou is simply perfect during pretty much the entire summer, so there are always a lot of people just kind of lounging about and hanging with their friends, skipping rocks on the river or playing with their dogs or flying kites - it really is a great time. Being a foreigner, every time I went down there by myself, I always got involved in a long conversation (in Chinese, of course) with the locals. They'd always be fairly lengthy, maybe an hour or so, but by the time I left, my brain was exhausted, yet very gratified by my progress.

This next video is somewhat less exciting, but it was a big part of my life in China.

Yep, I made a video about washing clothes and buying stuff at the market. The whole time I was in China, I washed my clothes by hand. Hot or cold water, adding my detergent, washing, rinsing, all of it in a little tub/basin, I washed my clothes every week. Laundry day really was laundry DAY.  After I got coat-hangers and was able to wash and hang up more clothes, laundry day became a dreaded day. At the beginning it was new and refreshing to have to work for my clean clothes, but after two or three months, the refreshment gave way to that everyday drag. Life goes on.

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