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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs and An Assortment of Things

Steve Jobs passed away yesterday and people from every country are creating tributes for his memory and are remembering a man who changed the world.

China Remembers Steve Jobs

Although many are sad about Jobs' death, life goes on as usual. China's Golden Week after it's National Day on the 1st of October is bringing in a lot of tourist money! This is the Forbidden City on Tuesday:

                                                                  Pretty crazy, huh?

The Great Wall (I'm assuming at Badaling, its busiest section overall)

Beijing West Railway Station

Just thought I'd show you those pictures. China's just got a ridiculous amount of people and it's hard to believe, even when you're there, until you are confronted with situations like these. The exhibit for the Terra Cotta Warriors is ALWAYS like this. It's insane, and I don't care to go back and repeat the experience.

Raising a Thorny Issue

I'd just encourage you to read this movie review/expose - it's not something I can explain, but it'll give you some cultural insight.

In other news, 12 baby pandas have been born so far this year at the Chengdu Reseach Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Just try to tell me that this isn't cute. Just try it. You'd be a liar.

Taichi in Guilin city, Guangxi Province, China. It has started becoming more and more popular among foreigners. The man in white is from Slovenia. Who could ask for a better place to practice Taichi than Guilin? It is known as one of the most beautiful cities in China, and this picture shows you why.

However, not everything about China is going swimmingly. Other parts of Guangxi and most of Southern China is going through a huge drought. Some people have to walk for an hour or longer to get water.

Drought in Southern China

It's so sad to me that people have to live this way all over the world - including the country I love the most: China. Many people in China live very hard lives and there's not a lot we can do about it except to go there and show them some love and help, if we can. A charity's reach can only go so far. Life doesn't always turn out like it does in Disney movies. People live in poverty. People are hungry. Thirsty. They need help. Sadly, many Chinese charities have been shown to be corrupt, but international organizations do exist to help Chinese children and others.

SOS Children's Villages - I talked to a girl on Facebook from Bangladesh who was an SOS child. Now she is pursuing her Master's Degree at a great school in Dhaka, the country's capital.

Chinese Children Adoption International
Rural China Education Program
Love Without Boundaries

There is actually an entire Wikipedia page about charities operating within China - wow!
List of Charities Operation Within the People's Republic of China

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