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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Re: McCultures

I'm subscribed to quite a number of China blogs, and "Life After China" is one of them. It's too bad that stuff isn't posted more often, but I completely understand about not posting a lot, because I don't do it too often either!

It's written by an Australian guy named Marcus, who taught English in a city called Wuxi, also known as "Little Shanghai", located in Jiangsu Province. Now back in Australia, he occasionally posts about the goings-on in China, my favorite so far being about people who pick your pockets using chopsticks! Read that story here!


So, there was a recent post on there called McCultures, which talks about how places like McDonald's, that aren't cool in America (and in his case, Australia), super freakin awesome in places like China.

It's a pretty good post, and completely true, so I recommend that you guys go and check out the blog! 

There's not a lot going on right now - we're getting ready for a Texas Christmas! Two of my Chinese friends will be here for the holiday, so I'll be putting up some pictures, I'm sure, and rambling about how Christmas and China have some crazy connection and Santa's secretly Chinese or something. 


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