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Thursday, February 23, 2012

A New Video and Future Plans

So, news! I've got a few things cooking right now, and one of them is this video I made!

It's nothing huge or anything - it took most of the day to film and edit and put subtitles on, because I'm speaking Chinese - LIKE A BOSS! hahaha

I think it turned out okay for not putting a huge amount of effort into. I only had to look up a couple of words in the dictionary, too! My Chinese friends said that my pronunciation was really good and that they had no problems understanding me, but that my sentences themeselves could use some tweaking. That's definitely true.....grammar and sentence structure has never been a strong point for me. Vocab? Please, I got it!

I've been meaning to make a video where I introduce my hometown to my Chinese friends for a while, but I had to force myself to do it after a friend asked me to do a video where I speak Chinese. 

Kill two birds with one stone, right?

"Why would you thrown stones at a bird, much less two?"

....."It's just a turn of phrase."

"How do you turn a phrase?"



So, I've been thinking about this trip to China that I'm gonna make in June, and I've been thinking over how to get the ball rolling on getting a job over there, but the reality is that I just have to DO IT. Pretty soon, I'll be on my way to getting my TESOL certificate, making some new contacts and renewing some old contacts, and trying to get my foot in the door! If I can't walk in and get a job in June, then I'll at least have gotten it started.

Not much else is going on - just life as usual. Be back soon with some more Chinese legends!


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  1. Your Chinese is really good! Getting a good handle on those tones. You should make more videos speaking in Chinese.

    P.S. - Tyler looks very peaceful!

  2. Thanks, man! I actually am preparing another Chinese-speaking video. I think they'll be sans-subtitles and just going on Youku from now on unless I can find a better system for subtitles.....they're killing me!

    Tyler is a very peaceful place - I love it! I also live in Dallas - it's not peaceful, but it's definitely got it's own perks!


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