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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Important Updates From "Let China Sleep"

So, there's a few new things going on.....

I kept telling myself that I was going to get myself out there and look for a job as a teacher in China, but a couple of weeks ago or so ago, I finally got off my butt and actually started looking, and I've got a couple of good prospects.

I've talked at length with the principals and recruiters for two special and reputable English language schools for children. Umm....yeah, children's schools. It'll be interesting to see if I actually end up going there. There's a few things I'm thinking about.

1.) I have no experience teaching children

2.) There are some skills dealing with children that I may not have.

3.) I don't have a teaching certificate of any kind (I'm working on getting it, though.)         <-------------------

4.) The schools that have seriously talked to me are in cities where I know NOBODY.

5.) Do I really want to take a chance when there are young minds that I could make or break their love of learning English?

Okay, yeah, those are serious questions that I need to deal with and talk with the right people about. My sister thinks I could never do it and shouldn't try it, but I think I could.

1.) I remember meeting so many children in China and loved talking to them - they are so bright and happy, and my family would never have believed the way I acted around them. (I'm well known for disliking infants and children)

What happened with the kids on the train back from Yinchuan is a great example, but there are many more. That is a great memory that I won't forget any time soon.

2.) Just because I don't have any experience doesn't mean I can't do it. I'm getting my TESOL right now, so I'll at least have the theory to guide me.

3.) If I was in China and was having a new experience, which this would definitely be, I would try my damndest to not let those kids down, because it's about them, not me. My needs and wants are secondary to theirs.

4.) These schools that I'm talking to are in "urgent need" of English teachers. From the language they've been using, it seems like I would be the only foreigner applying for the job when there's 2 or 3  or more vacancies available. They're not in highly-traveled or highly-talked about parts of China.

5.) Nothing worthwhile was ever accomplished without taking a little risk.

There's a lot of things going on in my head right now concerning all of this. If you guys have any thoughts or comments, I'd love to hear them! Just don't troll me, please.


  1. Dude, forget not having experience with kids and that your family doesnt think you could do it. I'm always nervous around kids with my family but i act way different when im surrounded by people who havent known me all my life. i say go for it. itll be a great experience and if i knew any chinese whatsoever i would probably come too.

    1. Both of the schools that I'm talking to right now both need multiple teachers! I'm sure they'd talk to you - and you worked at Stepping Stone doing stuff, right? That counts for something! Just being an American and a native English speaker counts for more than it should, really. It's racism that works out in our favor! hahaha

      The school I really like provides a free apartment, health insurance, a decent flight allowance, a 10k元 bonus at the end of 12 months, 3500-5000元 a month!

  2. And seriously, oral Chinese is so easy to pick up. I wouldn't worry about it at all.

  3. buddy ,I am Ethan,maybe I think you can also try somethings else that you good at,like TV make ......

    1. Thanks, Ethan! I'm glad that you are able to find my blog! I am still trying to decide what to do....TV is good money, but I do not want to do TV forever! I will probably come back to China to teach - either in 淄博 or 兰州. There are so many options....

      I hope you're doing well, buddy!

    2. ok.....that's be fine with your will....waiting to see you


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