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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quick New Video!


I just put up a quick update video on my YouTube channel about what's going on with me at the moment - like the video says, if you guys have any comments about what you might want me to talk about or suggestions for videos or anything, really, just leave them and I'll respond!

Thanks for coming along with me this far - there are more adventures to come!


  1. I'm curious, what TESOL course are you doing at the moment? Is it an online course? I want to head to China next year to work there, most likely an English teacher and I'm looking at some options for courses.

  2. Hey! I'm doing the ITTT course from - it seems to me to be a very good course. I hadn't thought about a lot of the stuff that they've mentioned, and I feel like it's a pretty good preparation for what's to come. I kinda wanted to do the in-class one, but I didn't have the time or the money to do it.

    The way they do it is send you the materials as email attachments, and you download them, complete the reading and the worksheet/lesson plans, and then send them back via email - the great thing is that you don't have to have a constant internet connection! The course that I enrolled in is the 120 hour, tutor supported course. You have six months max to complete it, but you can do it as fast as you want. I'll probably finish it within 4, but I've been super busy with work.

    I don't have any substantial complaints about it - I'd recommend checking it out! The tutor that I have is an EFL teacher in Thailand - it's not just some old dude sitting in his cubicle telling you how you're wrong. He's a real teacher and offers some great feedback on my questions and my work.

  3. If you've got any questions, you know where to find me! Another guy who can also help you with TEFL/TESOL/teaching stuff is the guy who writes the "Life After China" blog - if you contact him, tell him I sent you - he's helped me out a lot as far as sifting through job offers and how to get started with TESOL stuff!

  4. Hi, I am heading to Lanzhou in July for 1 year. Can I email you to ask some questions about Lanzhou? And Yes, did the physical with HIv, X ray, etc, today.Thanks, Jean Knops.

    1. Hey, Jean! Of course you can email me - I'd love to answer any and all questions you have about Lanzhou! If I don't have it posted on here, my email is

      Yeah.......I have yet to do all of that, but I'll it in May after my TESOL Course is completed


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