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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Top 8 Facts About China (and Thoughts on Vlogging)

Hey, guys! (and ladies.....hello, ladies)

Today I'm coming at you with my Top 8 Facts About China in vlog form. I've been sort of addicted to vlogging because I just love being able to tell stories. I love being in front of the camera and talking about stuff that I love, which is China.

Vlogging is such a great way to do that - it's still relatively new and is exploding all over the internet - from China to Giraffes to Tea to Music, vloggers talk about all kinds of things, and are able to share their gift of storytelling through the medium of video.

Here's my latest one from my YouTube Channel -

I'm still learning and improving on my vlogging techniques - if you watch the first video that I ever did all the way up until what I've done now, you can see how I've improved.

I've really begun to realize just how much of an art form that vlogging can be - there are so many different facets to the way things are shot, the way you say things, whether or not you have a script or lighting or a microphone, how you use your jump cuts or your's really hard, but can sometimes just be organic and in-the-moment.

I really love doing it, and I can't wait to get back over to Lanzhou to do more and share my adventures with you!


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  1. Ethan come and go , much better than before

    1. cool, thanks, man! I'm trying to get better at making videos - it's really fun, and I have another video that I think is pretty good. I will put it up today or tomorrow


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