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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thank You and a New Video: "The Random Bits"

Yet again we find ourselves with a video that I 'lost' months ago and just re-found! This time it's kind of a random assortment of clips without any real rhyme or reason.

This brings to light the kind of stuff I really would love to film and tell stories about when I'm over in China.  I never really did any kind of "A Day in Lanzhou" video, because there were few 'typical' days, I suppose. I'm definitely gonna try to do something like that.

I'd love to also do a video about food, which I started, but never actually finished. Sorry, Danielle, I know you wanted to see that video.....I kinda dropped the ball on that one.

Since I'm gonna be a teacher, I'd like to do a video with a few of my students and coworkers, if I could. I think that'd be really fun.

I also never did a video where I took you to all of my favorite places in one video. I should really do something like that. All of my favorite places are just scattered throughout my video library and on YouTube/Youku.


Speaking of Youku, I just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who's been checking out my blog - it really has been humbling seeing the amount of views of my videos and the blog itself spike these past few months. It's started getting a ridiculous amount of occasional readers.......but nobody ever leaves comments, so it's hard to know who's actually reading.

Youku has this wonderful thing that tracks the plays on an embed in a different website, and I'm easily getting double or triple the views on Youku than I am on YouTube, which is really encouraging! YouTube is so buggy when it comes to how views and comments are tracked that I'm thinking about just sticking with Youku and putting more Chinese subtitles and translations in my videos.

Anyway, all this to say ---- thank you for reading my blog, and I would love it if you subscribed or shared it on Facebook or Twitter or something. The buttons are down below! My Twitter feed is in the top right corner of the page if you want to follow :)

I'm never going to put ads on my blog or on my videos, because I don't want to make money off of my readers. If I write a book, maybe. I actually started writing one, "An Exchange Student's Guide To China", but I haven't worked on it in quite a while. It had about 40/50 pages-ish.

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