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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Didn't I Just Get Here?

Holy crap, I'm leaving tomorrow....that's weird, I feel like I just got here.
As a tourist of sorts, 3 weeks was a pretty appropriate length trip. It was short, but not so short that I had to rush everything. I got to do basically everything I wanted to do:
Go to Zhongshan Bridge and downtown Lanzhou
See the Yellow River
Eat at my favorite Bao Zi restaurant
Eat some of Lanzhou's famous Beef Noodles
Eat various other things haha
Visit Ben's family in Huan Xian
Visit the "Tiger Cave" town/village
Visit and stay in a cave home in very remote Gansu
Be surrounded by a terraced landscape of mountains at the peak of the harvest
See all my old friends
See you guys back in the States! Much love!

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