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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Leaving Lanzhou Again and Update

So, yeah, I've been kind of distracted as of late, as far as the blog is concerned. I had a few days of work, met up with some of my high school friends, and oh, yeah ----



Which kind of left me totally broke....but luckily, I was able to get an advance on a paycheck, so I am no longer destitute!

Everything's coming together - I've got my plane ticket, and my work visa will be on its way back at the end of the week, so that's great! Then I'll have a student visa, a tourist visa, and a work visa...I'm on my way to getting every kind of visa China offers! hahaha

So, anyway, I found this video that I hadn't put up on the blog yet, and I figured I would put it up for your entertainment/information/education/whatever you want to call it. As you guys know, I was in China from June 13th-July 9th, and this is the final video I made before I left.

It's not much, but here you go....YouTube and Youku! (I actually have another video coming up soon!)

Hotpot, downtown Lanzhou, friends, some traveling, some great food and new experiences - it was a productive and fun trip overall. I wish I hadn't been so terribly ill during it, but oh well, that's what happens when you travel.

Being back just brought back some great memories and happy times, while at the same time creating some more great memories. I've got a few more stories to tell now, and I hope that you guys have the patience to read even more about China as I experience it. Now that I'm at home, I'm spending more time savoring being at home and spending time with my friends and family, so I won't be posting much.

Thanks so much for reading my stuff, you guys! I've gotten a couple more subscribers lately, and I really appreciate them following me. Remember, you guys can always subscribe via email or just follow me from your Blogspot account.

Feel free to leave comments anytime you want, and share any interesting posts/stories - I've got some of my favorites in the tab menu up top, if you want to check them out!

Until next time, my friends!


  1. Hey Austin! In about three weeks i will be leaving for Lanzhou as a foreign exchange student. I saw most of your youtube videos but i'd still like to ask you a few questions about Lanzhou, and maybe your could give me some tips about good places to eat, shop, etc. It's the first time i visit China and the first time i study abroad so i am a bit nervous! Is there an email address you could give me or something? Thanks a lot! Carina

    1. Hey, great! Actually, I'M going back to Lanzhou in 3 weeks too, but to teach! haha great timing!

      I know some great restaurants in Lanzhou and will be more than happy to show you around - just out of curiosity, what university are you going to attend?

      You can email me at or contact me via Facebook at

      Thanks for reading and watching!!!


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