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Friday, November 23, 2012

Snow, Shoes, and the Solstice

Okay, great - a new video! The title is above! If you'd like, you can subscribe to my YouTube or my Youku account - it's no hassle, and you'll get updated whenever I post a new video! You'll also get to see it before anyone else; videos always go up on YouTube/Youku a few days before I share them in a post.

Anyway, that's one shameless plug for today. On to the video!


Yes, I'd like very much not to turn into an ear-less monster, so I will be eating dumplings on that day :)

Not much else is going on - I have another video in the pipe that I've gotta edit. I went to a park along the Yellow River that has statues from traditional Chinese stories, and I talk a little bit about those stories and about the walk. I hope you like that video!

I'll also be continuing my "Preparing for China" series in a few videos regarding Culture Shock and a few crazy stories I have about it. It's been getting really cold here, and I'm even less willing to go outside now than I was before hahaha

I hope you guys are doing well! Feel free to comment and subscribe or whatever! I'm always happy to get feedback, no matter the place!

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  1. I'm really curious how come the girl thinks she is dating with you, while you guys weren't dating? It's kinda funny.


    1. It's complicated and stupid. 1.) She's in Guangzhou, and I'm in Lanzhou 2.) I told her that we weren't dating, because we've never met and blah blah blah 3.) She doesn't have a job and has never been to college.....I just can't picture myself dating someone like that.

      She's nice and everything, but no way, dude.


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