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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Video Blogging

Hello, everyone!

So, yeah......I don't post much anymore. I've been shifting my focus away from blogging to video blogging. It's easier to film and edit a video than to write a blog post..........or at least, I think it is.

It's much easier to get people interested in watching a short video than reading a really long blog post. Plus, I feel like it's better because you can see/hear me and the inflections in my voice rather than just reading a blog post where the tone can be misconstrued.

Anyway, all this to say that I won't be posting on here as much anymore.

You can check me out on YouTube here. 

You can check me out on Youku here.

So, yeah, there you go! I hope you'll subscribe to my YouTube - I check it more than my Youku, but either way, it'll make me happy! Comments and subscriptions are always welcome :)

Thank you guys so much for sticking with me - I'll be posting on here from time to time :)


Thursday, December 13, 2012

What's Up? (Videos and More)

So, as you might have noticed, I've been away from my keyboard lately --- I've been given an extra assignment by my boss which has kept me pretty busy these days.

She wants to demonstrate her "co-teaching" system to the Gansu Province Ministry of Education, so she's making me prepare a couple of special classes that she'll film and send to the Ministry. Basically, there's me and a Chinese teacher who teach a combined speaking/listening class. We take turns teaching, and we help each other out during the 2-hour class. I talk some, they talk some. It's a pretty neat system, and as far as I'm concerned, it's great!

Because this is China, they want to endlessly prepare and make everything as perfect and artificial and fake as it could possibly be. That way it'll look good. It doesn't matter if it's the real thing or not. If it looks good, it sells, you know? I'm fighting against that, and I made my boss a little unhappy with how I did things today.

We just had the first one today --- it went pretty well. She had a couple of suggestions, but I'm debating on whether I actually care or not about what she says.

My students love my class (80-90%, anyway), and my co-teachers love me, and that's enough for me to keep my job. My boss doesn't have to like me  hahahaha

I'll try to get a copy of one, and I'll make my own little video with splices of teaching in it. I hope you guys will enjoy that -- you'll get to see what I actually do for a living.

Okay, now for a shock. I've started running, exercising, and "eating right" in a general effort to be healthy.

I's a shock. I've been that person who always made fun of healthy people, but now I'm starting to possibly, maybe, sort one.

I'm not gonna be vegetarian or vegan --- no freaking way, but I've had some recent health episodes that I don't want to talk about, and it's kind of scared me straight in the past couple of months, and I really just want to treat my body well. I'm only gonna have one life, so I should try to make it good and worth living.

...........Plus, it'd be nice if I could play Ultimate Frisbee or football (soccer) for more than 5 minutes without stopping for air.


In my next post, there'll be a couple of videos, and I'll be talking about teaching and cultural differences! I've got a lot to talk about. I'll be traveling soon, and I've got some great news I'll be sharing sometime before my  birthday (January 31st).

Anyway, until next time!


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