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Friday, August 11, 2017

WTF China Stories: The 8-MONTH-OLD English Student | REAL TIGER PARENTS

This is a 100% true China story. Think of this like the Chinese version of Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories, except without Hollywood and with a fat, white guy who's not really famous for anything. Anyway....on with the story!

I used to work at a Chinese English training school, which is basically an after-school school for kids to take an extra-curricular English class or two in order to give them an edge over the competition here in China. I've mentioned competition before on this channel in one of my "This is China" videos, which you can find on my channel. 

I've taught plenty of children in China - early education is a very strongly emphasized facet of education here in China, and foreigners are usually called in to teach children the foundations of English. 

This training school was called i2, and the kids usually ranged in age from 6-12 years old. However, one time, a couple came in with a baby and asked if we could teach her child. We said, "Sure, where's the child?" "What do you mean? He's here," she said, gesturing to the infant in her arms. 

Bish, what??? An Eight-month-old student?! Oh, poor co-worker. Now, the story begins....

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