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This page is about me! Exciting!

My name is Austin Guidry and I graduated from East Texas Baptist University with B.A. in History and International Studies. 

I studied Chinese for 6 months at 兰州理工大学,also known as Lanzhou University of Technology, as its first-ever true exchange student and am now a professor at Lanzhou Jiaotong University.

I have learned a lot more than language during my time here and what I want is to share my fascination with China with you. My goal right now is to become fluent in Mandarin Chinese and be able to share the adventures and experiences I had in China, whether through books, through teaching college students, being a speaker...whatever is cool with me.

Now, I have returned to Lanzhou as an English Professor at Lanzhou Jiaotong University. I'm getting settled in and the adventure has begun anew!

Pretty much no one writes about Lanzhou, so I figure that SOMEONE should! I hope you guys enjoy it!

My email is:
Twitter handle is @LetChinaSleep
YouTube Channel is called "Let China Sleep" (username: austinguidry2),
WeChat (微信) name is "Austin 李强" (in Lanzhou, China)
 微博 (Weibo) name is 懒惰老外.
优酷 -- 胖老外

See you on the internet!


  1. Hello Austin, I checked out these awesome videos of yours, and I just loved them! Little introduction about myself, my name is Yaan Huang, but I go by Jackson, I was born in Lanzhou and went to school in the states, i spent a year in Texas as an exchange student, and now I am a freshman at the University of Alabama. I was wondering if i could get to know you and maybe hang out with you guys when i come home this summer (which is like in 5 days.) Hers is my Email address: Again nice videos!

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  3. Hey Austin! I like your blog on the experiences in China, youve got a good sense of humor!:) I have recently seriously considered writing about mine in Beijing. I am really interested in International Relations as well, so its good to know we have that in common. :)
    Id love if you could give me some tips on keeping my blog fresh and how I could get it more out there.

    You can Check out my blogs :
    True Blue Reveries! Everything Under The Sun!

    The View from The Great Wall! My experiences living in China!

    Relations of the Political Nature! I love me some International Politics!

    1. Hey, Prachi --- I don't blog anymore because there are just too many of them, and it's just not really fun anymore, BUT I do video blog a lot. I do one video every week.

      About blogging: If you want to explain what China is like - don't. People have read a million blogs from expats (ESPECIALLY expats/students/teachers/workers in Beijing), and they've got a pretty good idea of what it's all about. Don't force anything - if you want to write, write. If you don't want to, don't. Don't apologize - just do or don't do. Whatever feels right and natural, do it. Ask for comments/requests. Take note of the questions people ask you IRL or on your blog and act accordingly. Don't just write "China is _______. In China, _______ happens." That's boring - give examples! I made that mistake earlier in my blogging here. My old blog posts put people to sleep hahaha

      I'd recommend telling people what you're seeing every day, and everything you're feeling. Make them feel like they're entering China through an interesting story that happened to you or a friend or a funny/strange conversation that happened. It has to be unique. Be special, and people will keep reading :)

      You can check out my video blog!
      Or you can personally email me at

      Maybe I'll see you around! :)

  4. Austin,I am a senior high school student in Chengdu,you can call me Sirius.First of all,what you ate in Hunan Province,just like 火腿肠,or 臭豆腐 (I'll say you can understand what they mean.)in vacuum bags,even local people don't dare to eat 臭豆腐 in vacuum bags,You were misleading your audience,and 火腿肠 can be connected with Luncheon meat.So again,you were misleading your audience.
    And I would recommend 蒜泥白肉,like cooked pork with garlic sauce,to you,And if you are interested in Sichuan Food or Sichuan specialties,I'll suggest you going to Chengdu's 锦里,Jinli,next to Zhuge Liang Memorial.There are many many kinds of food.They are all delicious and amazing.
    If you wanna GIT with me,follow my Weibo,"__Limbo__"

  5. Hi Austin:

    Try some 老干妈 and chick feet···

    lots of regards


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