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Other China Blogs/Sites: The problem with these, with the exception of Confused Laowai,  is that they don't post a lot anymore. But they all have GREAT stuff in them, if you want to look!

My personal favorite is "Poise On Arrows", which has unfortunately come to a halt as a "travel blog." Dig through the stuff to get to her China travels - she is a wonderful writer and photographer. This is one of the best personal blogs I have ever come across.

Confused Laowai is a great website/blog written for those people who are, like him, learning Chinese. It can be a bit daunting for the beginner, but there is a lot of great stuff on his site! Check it out!

Life Behind the Wall is a pretty unique China blog - it is written by a African-American woman who is married to a Chinese man! How crazy is that?! She is a teacher (I forget what her husband does), and she shares all kinds of stuff from all over the place in relation to her life in China.

"Life After China" is a good blog written by Marcus, and occasionally, his wife, who taught English in Wuxi, Jiansu Province. You'll have to dig through the stuff to find the old China adventures, but it's great!

"Mark's China Blog" is definitely worth taking a look at - he doesn't post much, and his posts are usually book or movie reviews (or they have been lately, anyway), but he's got some good thoughts. I'd definitely recommend it.

Fun Stuff

This is a parody of "Gangnam Style" done by some foreigners in Beijing. It's really awesome -- I'd recommend it to anyone who's lived/thinking about going/living in China. Or anyone, really. It's funny

Late Night Comedy Lines About China - self explanatory.

“对不起,我的中文不好” - great song, you should give it a play!

Learning Chinese:

The Chinese Grammar Wiki - for all your grammar needs! Probably the coolest thing about Chinese grammar to ever hit the internet. Seriously, it's awesome. It's still being worked on and tweaked, but it's worth checking out.

"Grasp Chinese" is a really great way to do online language learning! I tried it out and have a subscription  - it's a really sweet program, and I recommend that everybody try it just once if they are curious about learning Chinese.    (I wrote a review for their website that you can find here.)

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