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     I figured out would start of with my most talked about post and most commented post, which is about my most awkward moment in China. This concerns something that I didn't really want to talk about at first, but later became one of the so-called "highlights" of my trip.

Click here to read about my accidental brush with hotel prostitution in Xi'an.

After that, it's all downhill hahaha just kidding.

This first post is about ghost towns in China and China's current property bubble. I talk about how the idea of oblivion and emptiness terrifies me and I reflect on life a bit. This is a post that I personally really like.
China's Ghosty Places, Oblivion, and Life Reflections

This next post is about me visiting a friend's relatives in the mountains of Gansu. I stayed in a cave home in the Zhao Tai Countryside region of southeastern Gansu, and it was a truly beautiful and unique place and experience. I would really appreciate you reading this one.
The Cave Homes Of Gansu    

I have a few posts called "My Favorite Pictures" --- every picture has a story and a memory, and I talk about my favorites. It's an old post, so the layout's not exactly great, but I hope you'll forgive me!
My Favorite Pictures, Part Two

There are many personal milestones that were reached over the course of this blog, and more will probably be documented as time goes on. This post is from March 2011 and marks 2 weeks of being in Lanzhou and is my first full set of thoughts from Lanzhou.
Click here to read "Thoughts From Lanzhou".

    This next one comes from something I heard - "He who possess two languages possesses two souls." That idea gave me a lot to think about, and as I was getting ready to head home from Beijing, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Even today, it still buzzes through my head every few days.
Click here to read "Almost Home/Two Souls

    This particular post contains my favorite video from my initial adventures China, because it features my best friend, Benjamin Xi. I miss that guy a lot and me, him, and Stan had a great time climbing 白塔山 in Lanzhou just above the Yellow River on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, 端午节.
Click here to read "Dragon Boat and Bai Ta Shan"

    My personal favorite "thinking post" addresses the question: "Should China Have Awoken?" It's a subject that is way over my head, but is something that I really struggle with constantly when I think about the things I've seen and heard in my times in China. Tradition vs. Modernity, Urban vs. Countryside, etc.
Click here to read, "The world has moved on," said the gunslinger.

   Another one that I am proud of is a two-part post concerning Chinese cities' lack of greenery and the absence of nature from a lot of people's lives in China.
Click here for Part One and click here for Part Two.

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  1. My favorite one was "Two Languages, Two Souls", about the dual identity of being immersed in another culture.


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